About Us

Weepguard - A brief history

Weepguard is an Australian owned and made product, which has been invented and developed by Anthony Marlborough.

Anthony has been a bricklayer for the last 26 years and saw the need for a product that creates a finish for the weepholes in brick buildings while also serving the purpose of preventing vermin and pests from entering homes through these weepholes. So after many years of development, this family owned business is ready to service this need.

Weepguard is quick and easy to install into existing brickwork and comes in four colors –  Sandstone (White), Almond Ivory, Grey and Red Brick. All weep hole barriers are supplied in packs of 10.

They have UV stabilizers and fire retarder included in the product.

Weepgurd products are manufactured in Australia at Forme Technologies


"After 26 years in the trade, I knew there had to be a better way....


Weepguard is the right componenet for the right job.


Quick and easy to install and proudly Aussie made"


Anthony Marlboorough
Weepguard Inventor